Customize Automation

Cast Molding Contact Lens Auto Fill & Capping Machine

  • Twenty four cavity mold with twelve male and female mold match with each other to be molded out and unload by a mold unloading robot.
  • Robot place twelve male mold on this machine follow by twelve female mold.
  • This machine fill "HEMA" and cap the male and female mold together within 10 micro tol.
  • Finally unload the twelve mold to a rack that able to take 50 unloading (600pcs)
  • The Machine with servo rotary head can produce about 24,000pcs of contact lens a day.
  • The flow hood to maint. Class 100 clean enviroment in the machines.



Twelve compartment cast molding contact lens UV curing chamber

  • Tube rack contain 50 contact lens to be loaded manually to one of the twelve compartment.
  • Inside the chamber contain six UV lamp at the center of the chamber.
  • Inside the chamber also contain twelve clamp rotating head.
  • The power of the UV lamp is individually adjustable at the panel.
  • For safety, the power of the UV lamp will be cut off when the door is opened.
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