Company Profile
Founded in 1996, Robotron Technology Private Limited (ROBOTRON) provides systems integration, OEM product design and engineering solutions to manufacturing sector in Singapore.

  The company offers System Intergration by offering automation solutions in getting involved in Design, Supply and Installation, which includes testing and commissioning.
  The Company is able to develop a range of robotics products.

Products developed are:

Five Phase Stepper Motor Driver/Controller High Holding Torque/Diode Suppression Failsafe Brake
Close loop Stepper Actuator X-Y Table
Twin Block Stepper Actuator CNC Controller 3-Axis
High Speed CAM Pick and Place device Three Axis Desktop Robot (stand alone)
Net-Com robotic system Twin Head Spot welding machine


50 Bukit Batok St. 23 #07-05, Midview Building Singapore 659578 Tel:(65) 6765 3285 Fax:(65) 6765 5743